Energetic treatments

An energetic treatment is a moment of deep relaxation that we grant ourselves to refocus on ourselves. This helps to relieve stress, which is a real enemy for the proper functioning of the body and causes many imbalances.

The objective of a treatment is to raise and balance the vital energy, and thus activate the self-healing processes in order to regain physical and psychological health. It acts on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It is recommended for anyone, regardless of age, who wishes to improve their well-being and take their happiness in hand.



Reiki acts where the body needs it most and promotes the self-healing process. It helps in personal development and reduces stress levels.

Reiki rebalances the body’s vital energy level, releases emotional blockages that can affect physical health, and harmonizes the body.

It is recommended if you suffer from chronic pain, if you feel depressed, tired, stressed, if you feel like you are not moving forward in your life, if you want to awaken your energy and find inner peace.

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Access Bars Consciousness


This body energy treatment acts on 32 points of your head, touched gently, releasing effortlessly and easily all that does not allow to receive. These points contain all thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and considerations stored in all past and present lifetimes. It is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process that undoes limitations in all aspects of life allowing change and opening the field of possibilities!

The results ?

– immediate letting go,

– liberation from limiting points of view,

– reduces stress, worries, excessive thoughts, anxiety

– can help relieve physical pain, improve hyperactivity and attention problems

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Healing of the inner child


Tameana or the Sacred Triangle, is a vibrational therapy, which works on the body, mind and soul, helping the body to release stress and blockages.

Tameana aligns the body’s frequency with the electromagnetic field of planet Earth.

This technique is based on the action of 3 elements:

– Quartz crystals

– Sacred Geometry

– Pleiadian Symbology (codes containing sound).

The Healing field is activated by songs and vibrational frequencies that gently restructure and reactivate certain frequencies of our DNA, and work subtly on all our bodies to allow the release of stress, blockages and other traumas. We emerge deeply attuned to our deep Being, in peace and fullness.

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Energy cleansing


Energy cleansing through massage is a subtle dance between the practitioner’s hands and the vital energies of the soul. By fusing the sacred art of touch with benevolent intention, this practice frees the energetic knots and negative energies that impede the fluidity of our being. Targeted movements guide universal energy through the meridians, awakening deep harmony between body, mind and soul. A sacred symphony that awakens well-being and reveals inner light.

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