The fastest way to make a reservation is through the online reservation system. You can also send an e-mail to, or send a written message by sms or whatsapp to +32493545479. You can also call, but we cannot guarantee to answer your call quickly.

You will find a cancellation link in your booking confirmation email or in your account page. You can cancel 24 hours in advance. In case of last minute cancellation or missed appointment, we may charge the full amount of the treatment.

Send an e-mail to or a message to +32493545479

You can pay online with bancontact and payment cards or choose to pay on site with cash, cards or mobile application.

Our center does not have a reception area. There is a mini waiting room set up in case you are very early or if we are late. However, we advise you to come on time or maximum 5 minutes in advance. Late arrivals are to be reported as soon as possible (beyond 15 minutes, the time is unfortunately deducted from the session).

You don't have to plan anything. We have towels, bathrobes and disposable underwear available if needed.

We have a shower that you can use before or after your session if necessary.

You can be naked or in your underwear. We also have disposable underwear available. During the massage, the body is always covered with a large towel.

Unfortunately, our center is not easily accessible for wheelchair users. Before arriving in the space, there are 4 steps to descend. We are of course at your disposal to help and facilitate the access in case of difficult descent.

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