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Renata França method of lymphatic drainage and remodeling - Massage

When a revolutionary method crosses borders

Douglas in training in Brazil with Renata França

Our dear Douglas returns to us with the precious technique of lymphatic drainage and sculpting massage in his hands. The results of this Brazilian method are immediate and promise to surprise many.

This method is suitable for both men and women. In short, for anyone who wants to improve lymphatic circulation, reducing excess fluids, getting rid of toxins and cellulite, while resculpting the body contours.

The benefits of this technique developed by Renata França, a Brazilian of international renown, are multiple:

  • – Feeling of well-being, lightness and fight against heavy legs
  • – Reduces water retention, bloating and edema
  • – Promotes weight loss by reducing fluid accumulation and accelerates metabolism
  • – Accelerates the process of elimination of toxins and waste accumulated in the body
  • – Boosts the lymphatic system, stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system
  • – Improves transit and the digestive system
  • – Better recovery of the body after a sport activity
  • – Optimizes the loss of aqueous cellulite and offers a better skin quality
  • – Facilitates postoperative recovery
  • – Postpartum: reduces swelling and accelerates recovery
  • – Relieves pain related to endometriosis
Deflated right leg, refined, after a drainage session

For more results, the drainage technique combined with the resculpting massage technique works miracles:

  • – Tissue restructuring targeting adipocytes
  • – Optimizes the loss of fibrous and adipose cellulite
  • – Preserves the skin’s collagen
  • – Improves the elasticity of the skin
  • – Treats adhesions and anchor points
  • – Sculpts the body
  • – Optimizes drainage results

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