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Massage in the dark - Massage

A timeless experience

Who would have thought that the atmosphere of a massage room could have such an influence on the feeling? Normally, a dimly lit room, well decorated like a temple of relaxation, already allows you to feel relaxed. The experience of massage in total darkness will accentuate the effect of letting go. To deprive oneself of a meaning in order to go out and meet others, that is what blackout massage is all about. Thus, touch, hearing and smell are the senses that serve as reference points for the body. It’s an appointment to take with yourself, a sensory and cosmic journey to help you reconnect and abandon yourself in expert and caring hands. Moreover, for the most modest, the absence of light makes them feel more comfortable.

The massage technique was developed to cradle the body and soul with very gentle movements and relax muscle tension with deeper movements. The different scents of the heated oils make the journey all the more pleasant.

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