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The physical and psychological benefits of massage - Massage

Massage produces happiness hormones,

Massage (or massage therapy) promotes a moment of relaxation and well-being. After dealing with all the daily burdens and often stress at work, having a moment to relax and enjoy a moment to yourself in a quiet environment can make a big difference in your life. But what happens in our bodies during a massage and why does this practice promote so many health benefits? Discover some examples:

Blood circulation

Massage stimulates blood circulation, so it helps to eliminate waste from the bloodstream. It also helps to reduce the heart rate and therefore keeps blood pressure under control.

Prevention or reduction of pain

Improved blood flow also increases oxygenation in the affected areas, helping to reduce inflammation and heal the injured areas. The very touch of the therapist’s hands on the skin relieves tension, which has a very relaxing effect.

Better resistance

The elimination of waste products caused by the massage detoxifies the whole body, which strengthens the immune system, as the blood circulates in the body more easily. Other benefits include increased skin elasticity and reduced stomach and intestinal problems, as the massage helps to eliminate gastric secretions.

Fighting stress

Relaxation is the first image that comes to mind when one thinks of massage. Stressed people who live under constant pressure can have their lives transformed with regular massage sessions. The touch of the hands is a powerful tool to relieve tension and reduce the levels of cortisol in the bloodstream, the so-called stress hormone, which in excess generates a series of health damages. So, for those on the verge of a nervous breakdown, stopping by a massage therapist is an excellent solution.

Optimize results

A calm and quiet room, relaxing music, aromas, in short, the environment must be prepared to create an atmosphere of absolute tranquility for the person receiving the massage. A practice that potentiates the effect is to warm the body a few moments before the massage. Heat increases blood circulation and the effects can be even greater (take a hot shower for example).

When is massage not recommended?

In some situations, massage, rather than offering health benefits, may pose risks depending on the patient’s condition. Recent injuries, severely injured muscles, infectious skin diseases, advanced varicose veins and fever are some of the conditions in which massage should be avoided. If the person already has this type of diagnosis or has suspicions, they must have medical clearance to receive the massage.

Therefore, for those who are looking for relaxation and that moment just for you, a massage offers benefits for the whole body and also for the mind. It’s worth experimenting and including massage in your daily routine.